13 May 2000

KitchenAid Portable Appliances
Customer Satisfaction Center: Ms. Carolyn Stewart
1701 KitchenAid Way
Greenville, OH 45331-8331

Customer No: 839740

Subject: KitchenAid Ultra Coffee Maker, Model # KCM200 OB0

Dear Ms. Stewart:

I am writing in response to the letter I received from you today (atch 1) that stated you had not received the original KCM200 and that we would be billed for it if you didn't hear from us.

Number One, in my original letter dtd 1/11/00 (atch 2), I DID NOT request a replacement coffee maker. I asked two questions and made one request -- that you please inform us when you (hopefully) make available a redesigned, non-dribble carafe for this particular model. You never responded to my original letter, unless you consider a replacement coffee maker the response.

Number Two, there was nothing included with the replacement coffee maker that indicated you wanted the original coffee maker returned. No letter, no label... just a packing slip that didn't make much sense. A replacement from you was the last thing I expected, and believe me -- was I ever disappointed when I discovered that it's carafe dripped (spilled) just as much as the original!

The way I interpret your "Total Replacement Warranty", the product needs to fail within the first year of ownership. Your coffee maker didn't "Fail" -- it just has a really 'crummy', dribbling carafe. I was not at all pleased to now have TWO KitchenAid coffee makers, both of which dribble all over the place when pouring from a full pot!

We tried the replacement coffeemaker for about a month, and your "No Spill Glass Carafe" (as advertised on the side of your coffee maker box) dribbles even more with time and use. We since found a Mr. Coffee coffee maker that still knows how to make a carafe (thank goodness) that doesn't dribble, even though the coffee it produces is noticeably inferior to your KitchenAid coffee maker.

We will package up the original KitchenAid coffee maker and send it off to you within the next 10 days. As I stated in my original letter, do not construe this as an attack on KitchenAid. We LIKE your products and are certain that you can produce a better, no-spill, non-dribble, carafe. Just let us know when you do.