Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 20:50 -0600
From: <>
Subject: RE: KitchenAid Ultra Coffee Maker Model # KCM200 OB0
To: <>
Cc: <>

Hi Denise...

You may not remember me, but I'm the guy that had problems with the "dribbling" carafe. You sent us a new carafe in May.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up... I mailed back the subject coffee maker yesterday along with a letter. I sent it to your St. Joseph, MI address. I also sent the same letter separately to that address and also to your Geenville, OH address.

With regards to the coffee maker, what I mailed back were the remaining "pieces". On over eight occasions over the past six months, the filter assembly has overflowed during brewing, dumping grounds into the carafe and sometimes coffee & grounds on to the counter top and floor. We've been using the same coffee and filters the whole time, so that isn't the reason why this was occuring.

Anyways, Monday was a holiday and I was really looking forward to my first cup of coffee. When I found coffee & grounds on the counter top and floor, not to mention grounds in the carafe, I lost my temper. I took the coffee maker out to the front porch and threw it down on the concrete as hard as I could.

I do not mean this as a joke, nor do I expect you to repair or replace it. I merely returned it as a symbol of the frustration we've experienced with this coffee maker since last November. I also returned it with the hope that it might inspire your design engineers to produce a better coffee maker. If you'd like to read the letter I sent, it's located here: <>.

By the way, the new carafe you sent us in May did drip less than the previous two, but it still dripped and it got worse with use. We were just getting used to pouring our cups of coffee over the kitchen sink when the coffee maker began occasionally overflowing during the brew cycle.

I want to thank you for your previous communications with us. As I stated in my letter <>, we are still loyal KitchenAid customers -- primarily because KitchenAid (and you) did respond to our letters/emails and tried to accomodate our needs.