IBM z50


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General Overview

System Specifications

Hardware Maintenance Manual

User's Guide for High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery

Preloaded Software

Windows CE Service Pak 1

eBay's IBM z50 page

IBM Microdrive Drivers (mips4300.exe)

Accessory List

High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery w/Dry Cell Battery Case - Overview

32MB Memory Upgrade Overview

Docking Kit Overview

Battery Calibration Program

Printer Cable Overview


HPC Facter Flashback: IBM z50 Workpad

Notes from the Cave - IBM z50

Impressions of the IBM WorkPad z50

PocketPC Magazine Review

IBM's Discontinued z50: Right for You? (

CNET News (IBM z50)

Mobile Computing Review of z50

CNET News - IBM Pulls Plug on z50

IBM z50 Review

IBM Big PDA Bargain of the Millennium (MSNBC)

ZDNet Story

Information Week - IBM z50 Debut

PC Online IBM WorkPad z50 Review

Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website


Microsoft HPC Downloads (WinCE v1 & v2)
(ActiveSync 3.1, Plus Pack, Power Toys, etc.)

128-Bit Security Update for Pocket IE, V3.0

TascalSoft HPC Software
(File Search Utility, Conversion Utility, Reg Editor, more)

Pocket UnZip

HPC Software (Pocket PC Mag)

PocketFriendly Backgammon

Cambridge Software (FTP, other utilities)

WinAngels WinCE

Ilium Software (eWallet & more)



PeanutPress (now Palm Reader)

Palm Classics (for Palm Reader)

Project Gutenberg


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